Marta Lett


Story: There are two aspects to how this artwork began.

First, it was my response to the utter disgust I felt at an Australian art gallery purchasing a blank white canvas for some obscene sum of money. It was such an insult to artists who truly create beautiful and thought provoking art.

Next, was how to answer this event. In keeping with the ‘white’ idea I kept all my colours as light as I could mixed them to the same tone. I then chose my subject matter and wove my story into it. All my Aussie-Celtic designs speak of identity and connection to the Australian landscape. I wanted to use three of these in an overall pattern linked together to give the feel of patterned fabric much like damask. The ‘fabric’ honours my matrilineal line. My grandmother, mother, myself and my daughter all have an affinity working with fibre & fabrics through traditional needlecrafts. The resulting painting became a very special piece that is close to my heart. I hope you feel the love and connection that I do.

Media: Watercolour gouache on Stonehenge watercolour paper


Story: This piece was created originally as a demonstration piece for a medieval festival held at my cousin’s property in the Bowraville hinterland on the NSW mid-north coast. I was the resident scribe and illuminator. Most surprising to me was that I made no mistakes and was able to later finish it for exhibition. This was the first time I used my own Celtic patterns to design the border. I loved playing with the modern Uncial script in this piece, using subtle flourished pen strokes to lighten the feel of the work.

Media: Watercolour gouache, Sakura gold, China black ink & 23ct gold leaf on Stonehenge watercolour paper.


Story: The mangroves along the shores of waterways near where I lived on the Central Coast of NSW inspired this piece along with my passion for environmental sustainability. This is a multi-media painting, layering acrylic background washes, then overlaying the painting and lettering in watercolour gouache. The wording was inspired by my work then, teaching sustainability solutions for Australian households.

Media: Acrylic & watercolour gouache on Stonehenge watercolour paper.


Story: This calligraphy piece is created solely using letters overlayed, stretched, condensed, heavy weighted, light weight, tall and short. It’s a freeform piece that develops on the page as I do it. It is only possible to do this with confidence after years of experience, when feeling free enough to let the pen flow over the paper. It’s a very liberating type of artwork to create, and the Dalai Lama quote reflects some of that feeling.

Media: China black ink & acrylic inks on watercolour paper.


Story: This piece started out as a small triangular painting for my daughter’s 15th birthday. I later reworked the seahorse design for a larger painting, changing the colours and adding the script about this native Australian seahorse. The style of script I designed specifically for this artwork and have not used it in this same form since. I love creating designs and painting these seahorses as they lend themselves so well to Celtic spirals intertwining.

Media: Watercolour gouache & Sakura gold pigment on Stonehenge watercolour paper.

Celtic wisdom
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